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About Laura Coleman

Image of Laura Coleman on Mount HoodMy career began when I was an eighth grade soccer player and I sprained my ankle for the very first time. My father gave me a book on sports medicine and I was instantly captivated. I became my high school soccer teams unofficial trainer and went on to study physical education in college.

After college I moved to San Diego and had the good fortune to spend time studying under a man by the name of Pete Egoscue. He taught me all about functional anatomy which I had never had any instruction in up to that point. Essentially this is using gait analysis to determine what muscles are imbalanced, and then more importantly what to do about it. I have been refining his basic technique through multiple workshops over the years and am in perpetual pursuit of knowledge of the body.

I am extremely satisfied with my career as I’ve helped many people over the years overcome chronic pain and injuries. It is my small way of making a difference in the world.